Welcome to the Secret Bunker Guest House website. We are in the process of lovingly converting our RAF World War II bunker, a former operational centre that played a primary role in the second world war. As well as making this our home, we are also going to share much of it with you in the near future as we create a very unique boutique guest house.

We are also in the process of populating this website. It will in time share images and stories of our build as well as show the people we worked with and the products that we used that made all of this possible. This will include the story of being involved in the Channel 4 series, "Restoration Man".

Lastly, we will unveil the part of the project that we intend to share, the guest house. If you would like to be kept informed regarding any part of the project, then why not sign up to one of our newsletter listings. Just click here, fill in your contact details and list your interest.

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